Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry, I'm late...


Hey! Check out the boots!

I know, I know, I have been remiss. I have not done my posts regularly, nor have I been exercising regularly. I think I gained back the two pounds that I lost last month. My sugar is up. Bummer, that. But I shall keep working at it as I can. I just wanted to post a picture or two since I promised I would do that at least once a week.
Okay, I'm going to update my stats over there --->
and then I'm going to go find some supper. I think me and the man will have a cheese/veggie/fruit plate for supper. I was going to make chicken and dumplings or something like that, but I don't feel like having cooked food. I want raw veggies and fruits. A salad, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, seedless red grapes, bananas, radishes, cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, olives, pickles... a bit or a bite of each, perhaps...

Don't she look cute?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It Used To Be My Sewing Corner...

...eventually it will be my, excuse me, OUR exercise area.

However, I do have a little bitty bit of work to do before that happens. This is what it looks like right now, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009:

Isn't that a lovely piece of machinery? I can tell already that I'm really going to get a lot of use out of it.

...but not if I don't get my act together and get it set up. Well, next week will be less hectic. And I will be here alone, since Thomas is leaving for Florida tomorrow. He will be gone a month. As I've said elsewhere, it totally totally sucks. Makes me want to say dirty words and work horrific, torturous, violence on my ex. But I digress...

Today I walked for 15 minutes and did the variation in speed that Bunny talked about in her post. I've not done much walking this past week, but the last two times I did walk I did the variation thing. Today I didn't get up much speed because I was already tired. But after my walk I did 45 minutes of exercises, concentrating on abs and arms with some nice long stretches too. Felt good.

Sugar was not too bad this morning, 183. Not good, but not terrible. Then my after meal number was 228, I think. That is NOT good. I would like to get to a place where I don't ever get over 200. I need to work on that harder, don't I?

Anyway, we went out for a drive today and looked at some houses that I had been looking at online. I think we have found our place, but still need to go inside it and get a good feeling for it. On the way home we picked up Chinese takeout. I had mu shu chicken, which is essentially chicken with cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, other veggies, which you wrap in thin rice pancakes and serve with plum sauce. I went light on the sauce and only ate two pancakes.

I felt good today. It felt good to just spend time with my fellas and have a pleasant, relaxing day. It was enjoyable to the max. It was a nice day, temperature in the 70's, light breeze, lots of sunshine. Lovely day for an outing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My End of Month Stats

Wow! It's February already! I can't believe it! Not just February, but the sixth of!!! And I'm just now today taking a walk for the first time this month!!! Bad BAD girl! That's horrible!

It's true, I have been busier than normal. But I feel so much better when I exercise. Why do I not do it every single day? Without fail? I don't know. Anywho... this being a new month, I am removing January's "My Exercise Habits", and "My Sugar" stats. I will begin again with this month. For lack of a better place to put them I am copying them here to this post.

My Exercise Habits
01/12/09 = 1 hour - 2.29 m
01/13/09 = none - sick
01/14/09 = none - lazy
01/15/09 = none
01/16/09 = 30min. - 1 m
01/17/09 = 45min. - light exercise
01/18/09 = 3 hours - ironing dance
01/19/09 = 1.5 hours - danced while cooking (does that count?)
01/22/09 = 45min. - light exercise
01/23/09 = 1 hour - 2.20 miles
01/24/09 = 30min. - .7 miles
01/24/09 = 30min. - abs
01/25/09 = 40min. - 1.25 miles
01/26/09 = 30min. - .9 miles
01/27/09 = nothing
01/28/09 = 20min. - .65 miles
01/29/09 = 30min. - .75 miles
01/30/09 = 1 hr. - 1 mile
01/31/09 = 15min. - .5 miles
01/31/09 = 30min. - weights/abs
02/06/09 = 20min. - .72 miles

My Sugar
Before Meal no. 95
After Meal no. 132

Before Meal no. 166
After Meal no. 147

Before Meal no. 169
After Meal no. 216

Before Meal no. 125
After Meal no. 148

Before Meal no. 133
After Meal no. 138

Before Meal no. 153
After Meal no. 149

Before Meal no. 173
After Meal no. 199

Before Meal no. 242
After Meal no. 187

Before Meal no. 243
After Meal no. 172

Before Meal no. 166
After Meal no. 199

Before Meal no. 133
After Meal no. 163

01/26/09 - AM
Before Meal no. 159
After Meal no. 266
01/26/09 - PM
Before Meal no. 133
After Meal no. 108

Before Meal no. 200
After Meal no. 161

Before Meal no. 157
After Meal no. 228

Before Meal no. 252
After Meal no. 116

Before Meal no. 137
After Meal no. 160

Before Meal no. 157
After Meal no. 247

I will wrap up this month by saying that I lost a whole 2 pounds. Not much eh? But at least I didn't GAIN them, I LOST them. My goal is 3 pounds for this short month of February. If I can't do that... well, I just can't. That's all. No need to get down on myself, is there?

Hope you all are meeting your goals, whatever they may be.
Love to all. :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Not Finished Yet!

in fact, I haven't even started. On my surprise, that is. I had hoped to have it all done and ready to take a picture of and blog about by now... but I've been running my short little legs off this week. I'm tired, I haven't had time to exercise, and I also ate a bacon cheeseburger and french fries today while I was out and about. I DID NOT have the soda, tho. I had water. I was at least that good. :-)

Anyway, this is what I looked like yesterday (Thomas took the picture):

Not bad, eh? I like that skirt. I need a new blouse to go with it, tho. Maybe I should try harder to loose weight and then I could justify buying a new article of clothing, no?

Anyway... this is the story of the surprise:
My man has been going to the bank on Saturdays to deposit his check and that just happens to be right down where the Academy Sports store is, so he usually goes in there and wanders around and day dreams about all the stuff he'd like to have. Back before Christmas they had a home gym set on sale for $199 and he started to purchase one but then decided to wait. Then, of course, when he went back to get one, they were all out. So... they just got some in again. And he was back to drooling over it and not buying it... so I went down there with him and told him to just go ahead and get it. We didn't go all out for Christmas and we had even built back up our emergency fund some... so... I knew he really wanted it and I also knew he wouldn't buy it if I didn't give him a little push. So I did. :-)

The only problem now is... I'm the one who has to put it together and I just haven't had the time since we got it on Sunday. And I have to go out again tomorrow. The dentist. I probably won't feel like working on it when I get home either. Perhaps I can work on it Thursday. Thomas is leaving for a month this coming Sunday, so after Saturday he won't be here to help me. I have to get it at least mostly done by then. So... anyway, since I don't have a picture of it up and operational, this is the one we got:

So... there it is. My "surprise". Not for me, but I'll use it. I had one when I lived in FL, and it was nice. I liked using it, but couldn't get it out to TX when I moved. So sold it and my treadmill before I left... I have had a treadmill here for the past 5 or 6 years, but only recently got really serious about using it. The man is the one who actually wanted this home gym, but I'm betting he won't use it more than a few times and then I'll be the one (and perhaps Thomas, too). We'll see. I hope he will use it. If he doesn't start taking better care of himself too, he will be old and wimpy and useless before he knows it. He's been acting like he's already half dead ever since his cancer treatments and the doctors all say everything looks fine, so far. He needs to get up and start living again. Easy for me to say, isn't it? I shouldn't be so hard on him, eh?

When I get it put together and start using it I will take a picture of it and maybe even show off while using it. :-) I'll see.... I'm actually pretty excited about getting it up so I can start using it. More than I thought I would be. I was happy just using my little hand weights and working out with Gilad and doing the treadmill, but I will really like using this machine. I think I will. I always enjoyed the one I had before. I'm sure I will be really weak the first few times I try it, tho.... I may cry. I'll let you know.