Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, here I am...

You lookin' at me?

Well, okay, I invited you to, didn't I?

Why don't she smile more often?

Because she only just last year got her teeth fixed and she is so used to not smiling or just not showing her teeth, that she usually forgets that she has nice, straight, pearly whites to show off now. I shall have to try harder to remember, eh? Perhaps I should incorporate that into my "wellness" programme? Yes, I think so.

Look! I'm wearing pink. No it isn't. I'm sorry... the store called this color "Sangria". Bwahahaha... its pink. PINK I TELL YOU!!! Never mind me, I feel a tad silly tonight.

Have you looked over there to the right? I have begun showing my "progress" over there in two sections called: "My Exercise Habits" and "My Sugar". I will briefly note what, if any exercise I did each day, and what my sugar numbers are for the day. I take it at different times each day, sometimes morning, sometimes afternoon, sometimes evening. Once right before I eat and again two hours after I finish eating. Sometimes I do one right when I wake up, too.

I will tell you all that I had an episode on Tuesday, the 13th. I looked back in my sugar notebook and I put the note "I feel good" on the page that day. That was right before I got extremely ill.

See, it happened like this: I was feeling fine, great, and then all of a sudden, I felt dizzy, nauseous, weak, shaky. After emptying my stomach of every meal I've ever eaten, I cleaned up, fixed the coffee pot and set out some leftovers for Pete and Thomas' supper and then I took my pills and crawled off to bed at about 6pm. Nothing strange in that, eh? Nothing at all. Except that about 5:30am the next morning, Pete woke me up and told me that he was leaving for work and that I should get up and go to the bed. And I thought I was in the bed! For a few moments anyway... then I realized that I was laying on the sofa, fully dressed, with my shoes on even! And no memory of having gotten up during the night and dressing or going to the living room.

Later on that morning I got up and started my day. Thomas came down and he asked if I was okay. I said yeah, just tired feeling, and I went on and started my day. As I went thru the sun room to the back door to feed the cats I noticed that the plants had all been rearranged and the floor cleaned. I didn't think anything of it, tho. Perhaps Pete had had a little extra time before leaving for work and had done it for me. During the day Thomas told me that I had been up the night before and that he had had to help me walk and had to hold me up and that I was talking funny and stuff. He told me that I had got up after Pete went to bed and gone to the kitchen and cooked and packed Pete's breakfast and lunch and then heated food for us and watched a show on TV with him before he went to bed and that I was still on the sofa when he went upstairs. Only problem is... I don't remember any of it! Not one minute of it!

Then when Pete got home from work I thanked him for moving the plants for me. He looked at me really funny and said, "I didn't do that." So I asked Thomas if he did it and he said, "yeah, I helped you do it Mom, don't you remember? We did it last night." So... and so... and so....

Apparently I got up and did all that stuff and I don't have any recollection of it whatsoever. I don't know. Maybe it was related to my diabetes. Or maybe it was a reaction to one of the meds. But I've been taking them for months, over a year, for most of them. And I've never done this before. That I know anyway... maybe I have and just don't know it. Maybe the other times no one was up to see me. I don't know. Got a date with the doc this coming Tuesday. I believe I will tell him about it and see what he thinks. I hope he has a good explanation for it.

I had not yet exercised the day I took sick, and I didn't exercise the day after or yesterday. But I have been eating sparingly and trying to not snack on anything that isn't healthy, low-fat and sugar-free. Thank God for baby carrots and cherries. :) Today I walked for half an hour and went 1 mile. My legs felt very weak, but I persevered. I wished I could go further and might have if it wasn't so close to bed-time for Pete. My treadmill is in the bedroom, so can't do it after 8pm or so. I need to get my lazy butt up the stairs and clean out that extra room up there so I can make that my "woman cave" and put my treadmill there and my sewing chair and table.. my stuff... but it seems like such a hassle. If I cleaned it out Pete would just say he wanted to use it for this or that. I can't have any little bit of the house for myself. He horns in on everything I try to do or spot I try to make my own. Jeez. I sound grumpy tonight. I better go to bed. Maybe I'm still a bit "out of sorts".

Thanks so much everyone for all your kind words of support. You are all such a big help to me. Hugs to everyone!


Arsenette said...

Hang in there SKW :) You are very brave for putting this up and definately get my support! Being able to psychoanalyze what is going on in microdetail may help in controlling that friggin' sugar. My hats off to you. Hang in there when days don't go exactly as planned. Many of us have those days too.. I know I've had more than a few just this week alone.

Jeannie said...

Oh there it is! I couldn't find your exercise and sugar stats right away. Keep it up, gal- you're doing great!

I really like you in pink! That is your color and you should wear it often- along with a smile. Now, I can relate to not wanting to smile because of bad teeth, but that's all behind you now. The reason why you wanted to fix your teeth was so you can smile more. So c'mon now, show me your pretty whites and I'll show railroad tracks! :D

P.S. Do you take a multi-vitamin? A lack of any one vitamin can cause some crazy things to happen.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hi Jeannie, yeh. I started taking one about 4 months ago.

Just found out that the heat exchanger has had a big hole in it for a while, could be why I've felt so weak and yucky. Carbon Monoxide.

No central heat until Monday at the soonest, maybe not til Thur. or Fri. Oh well, no poison either. I had started noticing that I feel better when I am out of the house or have the house opened up. Too cold right now tho. Could wish the heater had waited until this cold front was over with to shell out. :)

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thanks Elsie. You're support means a whole lot to me. Maybe we can get feeling better together, eh?

Anna said...

That must've been a scary experience. I know it would've freaked me out. Let us know how your appointment goes.

I think you look great in pink, too! ((HUGS))

Diary of an Eccentric

Anna said...

Oh, and smile with pride!!

chaki said...

Good thing you have that boy Thomas around. Give him a big hug for being there for his momma. Hope doctor checks out everything and things are a-okay.